About Us

miCTV is the local public access TV station for Iosco county Michigan and surrounding areas. The contract to operate the station now rests with Michigan Community Television, also known as miCTV. This entity has full control of the station and is run by a board of directors. Currently on the board are:

President Eric Joseph
Vice President J.D. Hock
Secretary Anton Orso
Treasurer Chris Hock
Trustee Sue Miller
Trustee Jeremy Spencer
Trustee Renee Diener

The board meets quarterly and the meetings are public! We encourage anyone with an interest in public television to join us for these meetings and provide input and feedback.

We strive to produce content that is interesting and relevant to our viewers! We air live local events including parades, sports, board meetings. Public input is always welcome and can be sent to info@mictv.org.

Hope to see you at our next board meeting!